8 months (and a few days)

I cannot believe my little girl is 8 months (and a few days) old already!  She was just born a few weeks ago, wasn’t she?  Wow!
Em has changed so much lately!  She has such a little personality too.  She loves her monkeys (whew!).  After diaper changes, when I pick her up, she can see the shelf with the monkeys and she squeels when she sees them.  She also loves to stand up.  She doesn’t have the balance to do it on her own (she is not even up on all 4’s yet), but when we help her stand up, she preens and is SO proud of herself.  it is a lot of fun to watch.  What she does NOT like are peas.  Occasionally if I mix them with mango (gross, I know), she’ll eat them, but only if the proportion of mango is greater than the proportion of peas.  But really, I could mix old car tires with mango and she’d eat it.  This kid loves mango!

P3250035 P4250045 P5250047 P6250005 P7250016 P8250071 P9250073 PA250054

Every month these shots startle me.  That first shot, the one that started the entire monkey series, was actually an accident!  The monthly pictures were going to be in the big chair in the living room, but when I checked out the pictures, I loved the way she was laughing at the monkey, so the trend started.  Who knew?  The monkey really does not change size at all!  And of course, no monkey’s were harmed in the taking of these pictures.  Eaten, yes, but harmed no.  But wow, look at that first picture!  It is the horizontal line on the chair that gets me – the way it is in the middle of her head in the first shot, and at her shoulders in the last one.  (and I just noticed that she is barefoot in every picture except the first one).

And of course, more from the 8 month shot series
PA250056 PA250058 PA250059

And some fun shots from this week:
PA260004 PA260009 PA260010 PA270022

On Em’s first day on the planet we took a few pictures of her folding her fingers in and out of each other in this “Someday I will rule the world” pose. Well, this shot is the same pose, same facial expression, just 8 months later. Doesn’t she look like she has an evil plot in mind? And the stackable giraffe will bend to her power.   And it did too….

The other morning, before we left for school, Emily played with the textbooks for one of my classes.
PA280031 PA280037

And finally, here are some of the pictures from Emily’s professional photo shoot. Thanks Heather, we love them!
IMG_7364   IMG_7371   IMG_7431   IMG_7491   IMG_7502   IMG_7632    IMG_7640
(pictures of D not included at his request but they are very good too 🙂 )


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