one step forward, two steps back

Steps, or scoots. Em has been scooting backwards for a bit now but today she did a tiny (and let me emphasize here that it was really tiny) scoot forwards. She is not on all 4’s yet, and really, not even trying, but she is a whiz at scooting backwards, and in circles. I predict crawling within a few weeks.

I am not feeling very creative today so just believe me when I say that Em has been busy and stuff like that.

We have been busy lately!

Em has had a lot of fun playing with the toy her daddy found

But nothing beats a good play date with monkeys before school.  Note that she has one safely tucked under her arm and is reaching for a second one, which she of course ate.

After school playing is fun too though.

But the best is the weekend when you can play all day!
PA170013 PA170016

PA170023 PA170025

Saturday we skipped swimming (gasp!) and went to a farm in Easton, CT. If you are ever in this area, skip that farm and go back to the Stamford farm!  See last week’s post for more on this farm.  The Easton farm was just not as exciting.  Sorry Easton people, I am sure you are all very nice, but your farm is just ok… We did enjoy watching the goats escape from the goat pen though.

We did get all bundled up, ready to spend the day in the cold, and Em stayed nice and warm, even in that wind!


Thanks for looking, see you soon!


2 thoughts on “one step forward, two steps back

  1. Adorable photos as always! Robbie’s been scooting backwards for a while now. I *finally* actually saw him do it– as I felt like the kid was a ninja for the past little while. You look away, and suddenly he’s somewhere else! He’s on all fours rocking frequently and I think he too will do the “real” crawl soon. Lord help us all! 🙂

  2. We had the ninja thing going on too, it is freaky, isn’t it? She only went up on all 4’s once, she I am pretty sure she is biding her time, thank goodness! I am not even close to being ready for a mobile kid. It just blows my mind that she is starting to get the idea of mobility to reach a goal (aka, a toy to chew on).

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