a fantastic weekend!

Em had such a blast this weekend!  Friday night she had fun with Daddy while the Mommy’s went out and enjoyed many many pitchers of sangria and tons of great tapas.  This is such a fabulous group of woman and I feel so lucky to have met them and to count them as my friends (and lifeline!).

Saturday was all about swimming.  After our swimming class, we stayed for the open swim time with some friends and had such a great time.

PA100005 PA100006 PA100007

She is not a huge fan of looking at the camera when there is water involved…  D is hiding under the camera trying to get her attention but yeah, there is no distracting this kid from water.  Thanks for playing photographer M!

Today’s highlight was a trip to a local farm – Em likes farms!!  We knew she liked outside – she loves the woods and hiking, she loves playing in parks, and you know how she feels about swings outside, but farms took this to a whole new level!

Emily met goats, llamas, alpacas, bulls, hogs, cows, sheep, chickens, turkeys, ducks, HUGE rabbits, turtles, a lizard, and lots of horses of various sizes.  Some of the animals (the more farm-y animals) were in pens, but plenty of animals were just roaming the property – the ducks, turkeys, turtles, and a huge flock of guinea fowl.  After we met all the animals, she loved the tractor hay ride in the woods (obviously, it is the woods, how can you go wrong?), and then had a blast playing with the hay in the pumpkin patch.

These pictures are Em meeting the goat, the duck that wandered by, the chickens, and two happy turtles. These turtles were enjoying the best lunch!  A fabulously fresh salad of greens, strawberries, fresh green beans, cucumbers and mushrooms.

PA110027    PA110034    PA110035    PA110039

The pumpkin patch was a lot of fun!  After a brief stop to take her picture in the giant pumpkin painting (come on, how cute is that?)  Em had a great time sitting on the bales of hay that made up the hay maze, and she had so much fun playing with the pumpkins, but really, the biggest hit was a hay.  Hay is a lot of fun!  Who knew?

PA110041    PA110042    PA110044

For future reference – a day at a farm = a fabulous nap!

This evening she had a video phone call with grandpa and then had fun with her stacking rings.

PA110051    PA110053    PA110057    PA110060    PA110061

Oh and Em proved that she really is my daughter today when she sucked down a lemon wedge!
What a great weekend!  Hopefully it won’t turn too cold too soon, I am already scoping out more farms to visit!


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