What will Emily remember?

I really treasure our night time routine. I start Em on solids until D gets home and then he takes over. Then we give her a bath and she has SO much fun in the bathtub! There is nothing better than running water for this kid! Her Uncle John (AKA our upstairs neighbor) invented her favorite game ever – she sits on the counter and plays with a running faucet. And to think, some people actually spend money buying toys – suckers! All this kid needs to have a great time are socks (or shoes) and a faucet. But will she remember how much fun she has playing with water?

After bath time, she and her daddy play with the giant Winnie the Pooh in her room while she puts on her pjs. She and Pooh have had some great conversations – I just wish I knew what they were saying. Then I nurse her until either she falls asleep or gets full. Then it is 2 kisses and she is down for the night (usually!). I love this routine. I love bath time. I love those 2 kisses. And last night when I had a late meeting at work and D did the entire bedtime ritual (minus the nursing πŸ™‚ ) himself, I missed it. I missed those 2 kisses. And I hated that. I love that I can work late and that I can go out (7 more days until the big Mommy Night Out!!), but I hate that I missed those 2 kisses.

But will she even remember them? Does she even care? D said that she had a great night, played happily, ate all her dinner and then some (they skipped a bath), drank a full bottle and went right down. Did she even miss me a little bit? This is the second night of her life that I have missed. Did she wonder why she was going to bed without those 2 kisses?

But enough with the melancholy!

Emily absolutely adores her day care (or school as we call it). Every morning when I drop her off, we talk about what she is going to learn that day. And her teacher always asks me what the “Lesson of the day” is. Sometimes it is spelling, math, reading, politics, biology, trigonometry… And when I pick her up we always talk about what she has learned. (note that she has not learned English yet, so I am not sure she is having the same conversation I am, but you get the point). One of the Daddy’s this morning asked how the “Little Brain Surgeon” was when we arrived. Hey, it is my fault the kid is a genius?

Thursday Em had her school pictures taken and the daily report was so cute! They wrote, “She sat on the bench like a proper lady“. How cute is that? She has the best posture when she sits. Today’s report was too cute too. Part of it read, “Emily played on the mat, playing with various toys. She likes to throw the toys and she has quite an arm!” Her daddy is going to be thrilled to read that! This morning she practiced her throwing skills before school with her little wind chime toy. This is going to be a weekend full of dodging toys!

We played a lot this week.
P9270003 P9290056

And we sat in Daddy’s chair – that was a big hit! Especially because our feet were in easy reach.
P9270013 P9270020 P9270023 P9270024

Notice how the theme of playing with her shoes continues…
P9280032 PA010076 PA010078

These pictures came out so dark! I guess that means winter is coming? These pictures are from a morning play session. I love how she has one toy in each hand in this first shot
PA010066 PA010067 PA010072 PA010073

And finally, here is this morning’s play time
PA020082 PA020083


4 thoughts on “What will Emily remember?

  1. Oooh, great pix!! She looks so grown up in that last pic– like I can totally see her saying “Um, come ON, mom! Stop taking my picture and give me the keys to the car, already!!” πŸ™‚

  2. Woah! Slow down there! I thought she was saying, “come on mom, enough with the pictures already, don’t you have enough yet?” Either way, those last 2 pics crack me up! What great expressions!

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