7 months old! Warning there are a TON of pictures in this post!

I know this post is overdue, but Em is 7 months old today! It seems like she was 3 weeks old just the other day. I know it is cliche, but wow, she is growing so fast!

But to stay in order, let’s start with pictures from last weekend. We went down to Maryland for a very fast visit for the holiday and Em had a great time. She was so excited to be in walking distance of so many sets of swings!

First up, Em now takes the spoon away from us to feed herself

P9160007 P9160008

But who cares about food when there are swings! This is one of the greatest pics of Emily I have ever taken (and I have taken some really good ones). The problem is that full size, the picture is kind of blurry 😦 But oh well, we’ll keep it small and fabulous.


And grandpa took her on the little bouncy horse, which was also a hit

P9180026 P9180029

Check these out – Em and her daddy have matching expressions in these pics!

P9200041 P9200042

And now for her official 7 month picture lineup:

P3250035 P4250045 P5250047 P6250005 P7250016 P8250071 P9250073

And some outtakes from the 7 month shoot:
P9250055 P9250090 P9250091 P9250127 P9250139 P9250145 P9250146 P9250161

These monthly shots are getting harder and harder.  This one was dominated by Em’s discovery that the glider is corduroy which it tuns out is fun to play with.  Then, she got distracted by the monkey and figured out how to make him fly.  Oh then she saw the window – cool!  But most of the time she would stare intently at the camera and smile every time I turned it off…  Oh and the wardrobe change was simply because I felt like it.  I love the little bookworm t-shirt.

And play time! Em has a Yankee lovey and she had so much fun with it.

P9230004 P9230007 P9230011 P9230013 P9230014 P9230015 P9230018 P9230019 P9230022 P9230023

Now that is one cute kid!!


2 thoughts on “7 months old! Warning there are a TON of pictures in this post!

  1. Yup, I’d have to agree. 🙂
    Being your LJ friend is a bad influence though, Beth. Every time I see one of these posts I have to fight off the baby hunger — and at my age, it’s got to be grandbabies ‘cuz I’m definitely not able to have another myself!
    Thanks for posting.

  2. hee hee and it is only going to get worse! Em has had 2 professional picture sessions!
    But then again, nothing wrong with being a grandmother – all the fun, none of the work?

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