our world at about 27 weeks

Our world is now full of school (hers and mine), playdates, swings, babbling, rolling, and solids.

Last Labor Day we spent the long weekend with my parents in Maryland and mom and I ditched the guys and went to a fabulous pick-your-own farm. This year we have a 6 month old. What a difference a year makes!

~Sassy Sunflower 9.29.09Em had another artistic week this week, she made this “Sassy Sunflower”. We need more frames around here! Em is just loving her day care so much and that is fabulous! She hugs her teachers (but always has a hug for mommy when I pick her up), LOVES going for rides in the buggy (a 4 seater that sits the kids 2 by 2). She sits in the front with her little friend Kai and apparently they were holding hands in the buggy the other day. I cannot wait to see that picture!





P9010003 But no matter how happy she is in school, she still loves play time with daddy and especially play time with Sophie the best giraffe teether on the planet!





Fridays I don’t have classes and Em’s day care closed at 1:00 for the holiday, so we made a play date with her friends. We met Stella, Gavin and Hayden at the park. We got there early to play and Em had SO much fun! We brought the playmat, a bunch of toys and then we found out that Em fits in and loves the swing!

P9040009 P9040012 P9040020 P9040024 P9040036 P9040048 P9040050 P9040053

and we sat with no hands on the ground! First with a hand on her leg and then no hands!
P9040064 P9040065

And then we played with her friends and got back in the swing, this time with Hayden, who has the best smile! She loved the swings too and Em had so much fun playing with her.

P9040079 P9040085

A few more swing pics. If we ever do move, we need a house with a pool and a swing. Forget kitchens and bathrooms, this kid is all about the water and the swings!

P9040090 P9040094

This weekend we also played at home, because you can’t spend every day on the swings!

P9060010 P9060012 P9060013 P9060014

Play time was followed by story time with daddy – always a big hit – he does voices!


(are you sick of pictures yet??)
We have been using D’s old t-shirts as spit rags, but yesterday he found out that it is easier just to put the shirt on Em. It is a MUCH better rag that way, and it was a great rag to begin with!

P9060021 P9060023

And then, to wrap up the holiday weekend, Em played in her swing. We just started putting on the toy bar and she likes it a lot!



4 thoughts on “our world at about 27 weeks

  1. I want to thank you sooo much for taking the time to upload all these pictures. I’ve had one of those weeks this week and this journal has put the biggest smile and grin on my face. Thank you again sooo much!! *hugs* to you all!!

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