smarti-pants, day care, foot painting and switcharoos

Well, first up, we decided to change her official 6 month picture. Her daddy is so blown away by how blue her eyes are in this blue dress and it is such a nice smile, so we changed pictures.

New 6 month line-up:

P3250035 P4250045 P5250047 P6250005 P7250016 P8250071

But there are more important pictures to get to!

Emily started day care on Monday. It is a fabulous school that is tucked into the woods (remember how much Em loves the woods?), and the teachers, administrators, kids and other parents are so wonderful!

My parents always did first day of school pictures, so we of course had to do that with Em

and here are a few first moments of school (because I had to leave) pictures. Notice no tears! (and that is because I am hiding behind the camera 🙂 )

P8240014 P8240015 \

They are sitting right in front of Em’s very own crib. I love that she has her own crib, but more I love that they do laundry there every night, so they supply the crib sheets, bibs, etc… We only need to bring clothes, diapers (they supply wipes), and food. That seems to be unique. Her first day, Em wore a bib from home, and of course, got it dirty. The next morning, it was in her cubby bin, all washed for me! Wow, I could get used to this!

Emily Footprints So far, Em has had 3 very good days at day care and yesterday, when I picked her up, one of her teachers gave me this to take home!  My little girl’s first piece of art!  If our fridge was magnatized, it would go on it, so instead I framed it.   I love that they are so hands on with them, but it does make me wonder how much paint she ate.  One of Em’s favorite things to do is eat her toes.  The very toes they covered in paint.  I am sure it is non-toxic though, but I do wish I had a video of them trying to stop her from eating her green toes 🙂

New topic now (but I am staying in this side bar area because frankly it is just easier…).  Let’s talk food!  Food glorious food!  Em has really gotten into solids lately and loves pears and peaches.  She likes bananas, and she tolerates applesauce.  We are NOT fans of rice cereal.  Later this weekend, we will try a yellow veggie – maybe squash because I hear carrots make the poop turn neon orange 🙂

While we are talking poop, those of you who know me in real life know that I have wanted to try out cloth diapering forever.  Well, I finally did it and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  They say that once you start you get addicted and it is so true!  It is better for the planet, the wallet and little baby bottoms.  Plus, they are too cute.  Several recent pics on this blog have actually featured them.  I like the Smartipants brand – they seriously could not be easier.  I decided to go with one size diapers so she can wear then through potty training, and personally I prefer snaps over velcro, mostly because I am sick of washing velcro bibs 🙂  Even the poopy diapers are SO much easier this way.  And they all go straight into the washer and come out looking brand new.  D is not 100% on board, but he is slowly getting interested (not that he’ll admit it, but I can tell).

Lastly, for you parents of older kids, a question – when did Bert and Ernie stop being muppets and become claymation on Sesame Street???  The voices are the same but they just look wrong.


5 thoughts on “smarti-pants, day care, foot painting and switcharoos

  1. Re: Bert and Ernie.
    I think the muppet versions are still around. Truth be told, we usually just watch segments on, and some of those segments are pretty old.
    Jim Henson (voice of Ernie) has been long dead, and his voicing has been taken over by Steve Whitmire. Frank Oz is still listed as doing Bert, but they also list Eric Jacobson as performing Bert since 1997.

  2. Re: Bert and Ernie.
    Did I hear once that Ernie was still living on SS but that Bert had “moved out”?? Hmmm… So much to figure out before Emmy is old enough to watch it!
    And you know, I think I did know that Henson did Ernie’s voice, it has been a long long time though! I need to get back into all this.

  3. Re: Bert and Ernie.
    I’d never heard about Bert moving out. I remember when Jim died, Frank said he intended to “retire” Bert since he couldn’t imagine doing those scenes with anyone but Jim.
    That didn’t last long, apparently.

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