6 months old today!

Pictures of a 6 month old go something like this:

Put child (dressed in something so cute you can’t stand it) in the chair with the monkey.
Sit on the ottoman right in front of the chair (helpful for when she lunges forward).
Turn on camera.
Hand child monkey.
Get in position on ottoman and look through camera window.
Child throws monkey on the floor.
Over and over and over.
Through multiple changes of clothes, errands, naps and feedings…
At least Em had fun 🙂

The end result:

P3250035 P4250045 P5250047 P6250005 P7250016  P8250097

So with all the drama of getting that shot, there are of course, lots of outtakes, showcaseing all three outfits (aka, the three times today I tried to get this picture, interrupted by necessary outfit changes…).

P8250018    P8250024    P8250030    P8250034

She was just having way too much fun!

P8250066    P8250071

She loves this dress and picked it out herself! But as cute as these shots are, they just weren’t right. Later on, it got so hot so we went with a t-shirt and got these.

P8250083    P8250086    P8250092

And really, any of these pics is cute enough to be her six month shot, but I wanted the perfect smile – you know me, such a perfectionist!

I have lots to update you all on, but I am just too beat to type…  Stay tuned…


6 thoughts on “6 months old today!

  1. ROFL! That’s similar to my monthly photo sessions. Since I use a signcard instead of a stuffed animal, I also have to deal with the sign falling over (unless I tape it, which I occasionally do). Both Max and Robbie tend to be fascinated with crumpling the sign so I get some of my most fun shots that way. 🙂
    I love all the 6 month shots you got, esp the 2nd one in the blue dress. Very happy baby!!

  2. that picture in the blue dress was nearly the official month picture, but her holding up the monkey was just too cute!
    Maybe if I tape the monkey to the chair? hmmm….

  3. We miss you guys!
    Em is getting so big and we’re dying to see you ladies (and Darren too). I found the greatest book for Emily–yes, I saw her reading in one of your earlier posts and couldn’t resist picking it up…hope to see you soon!

  4. Lip gloss.
    Hi Emmy, it’s me Hayden. I love your lip gloss. It’s so not fair that your Mommy had it tattooed on you forever and you always look so rosy. Thanks for being my bestest friend!

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