24 weeks and a ton of firsts!

First flight – check – long story, but she did great, even with an unscheduled, surprise stop in Chicago.
First time in a hotel – check (well, check minus, she hated the hotel pack and play…)
First major trip other than to see family – check (San Francisco)
First time on a carousel – check (2 checks, one trip with me and one with D – someone had to stay behind and take pictures!)
First time doing 360 rolls – check, she now goes back to belly and then back again
First trip to an aquarium – check, she loves ours so this was a no brainer
First time seeing sea lions – check plus – this was cool, she loved this! Pier 39 could be almost as fabulous as a grocery store in her world!
First WORD! – check! D was over the moon when she said Da Da! We harbor no illusions here. We know it was just a random string of syllabus in her world, but still, how fabulous that she said an isolated Da Da and he was able to hear it!

And that is a lot of firsts for one little kid!

Last week, Em got into her water mat big time!


And we got her a high chair. You know, she is growing like a weed, but looks so tiny when you put her in this chair. She likes it a lot though, it has the most delicious straps! I just love the look on her face in this first shot!

P8040021 P8040025

Oh another first – first time in a pool! Em loved it! She took a few minutes to get used to it – at first she was climbing up me like a little monkey!  But after a few minutes, she was having a blast and started splashing.  She never dunked under, but she still had fun.  Thanks Jenn and Aiden for inviting us over to swim!


This is just too cute! I call this her “woe is me” pose!


D gets credit for this adorable shot in San Francisco! While I was busy at the conference, they went to a park to play.


Once the conference ended, I had 2 full days to play with them in SF, and Em celebrated that by eating her shoes. Then we played in the hotel a bit, she had so much fun playing in all the pillows.

P8100024 P8100053

Back home, she enjoyed playing with peaches. We are on and off working on solids, but with her 6 month appointment in 2 weeks, I figure it is time to get serious about solids. Em figured it was time to have fun with it, and that worked too.



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