We have a happy little tripod sitter! For those of you who aren’t as involved in the world of miniature people, tripod sitting is sitting with your hand on the floor supporting your weight. Next step – sitting! Although Em is so desperate to get places that she may just be crawling before too long. She is still a huge fan of rolling and unless you are actively playing with her, she will not stay on her back. Except for sleeping. I put her down to sleep on her back and honestly she does not move an inch in her sleep. When I respond to her wake up call the next morning, she is in the exact same place, playing with her feet and babbling away at them!

We have a ton of pictures! We have been so busy and of course, I am always armed with the camera and not afraid to point and shoot. How fabulous is it for me that they invented digital cameras? I must have thousands of pictures! See? It could be so much worse – imagine if you had to see ALL the pictures I have taken!

“Mommy, please don’t bother me, I am trying to read!”
(Yellow pants, red pants, green pants, OOPS!)

P7260006 P7260007

After we read, we like to dance.


Em has been doing a lot of playing lately. The weather finally caught up to the calendar and it has been way too hot and humid to go to the beach. Most mornings it is too gross out for even a really early walk! I am not sure why these shots are a bit dark? Maybe one of the daily thunderstorms was approaching? But she had fun playing with the stacking ring thing one day (despite what that last picture suggests).

P7290008 P7290016 P7290017

Then, Thursday, Aunti Elyssa came to visit! Em has a blast playing with her! In honor of Elyssa’s visit, she wore her Tar Heels apparel. (Side bar here, Em has GW clothes, where her daddy went to school, and lots of Tar Heels clothes, where Elyssa works, but nothing to represent the blue hens! We must fix this situation ASAP! I mean honestly, she doesn’t even have anything from the college where I teach – how pathetic is that?!)

In this first picture I am not sure what confused her, but she was extremely deep in thought. Yes, she is scratching her head and pondering something deep. I love it! But playing on mommy and daddy’s bed was SO much fun that it drove all those deep thoughts out of her mind!

P7300026 P7300037 P7300041 P7300044

Friday we had a fun playdate with Aiden, Gavin and Westley. And notice how well Em is tripoding in the 2nd picture!

P7310010 P7310011 P7310013 P7310014 P7310004

We learn a lot from our friends! And Em is lucky to have suck great friends! Hayden taught her how to put her feet in blow out poops (and there are no words to express how grateful I was that she learned that one! Thankfully she has only done it once or twice.). And Gavin taught her the best sleeping position! Yesterday, she saw him sleep like this, and this morning she took a nap in this position. I am just so relieved that none of her friends are knife jugglers (yet!).

P7310006 P8010001


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