5 months old!

Our little girl is 5 months old today! So to celebrate we took her to her favorite place of all – the grocery store! She loves that place! We put her in the bjorn facing out and she has a blast!

Here are her monthly birthday shots as usual… We have hit 2 lines! Well, at least on my computer the first 4 monthly shots all fit on one line. How strange that she has enough monthly pictures to fit on a second line!

P3250035 P4250045 P5250047 P6250005 P7250016

Have you ever seen a bigger smile?
I need to figure out how I took the 3 month picture because I love that lighting and obviously have never been able to duplicate it.

And for fun, here are the outtakes from the 5 month birthday photo session. Now come on, that second shot is priceless! We have a future Solid Gold Dancer here!

P7250010 P7250017 P7250018

and as part of the “Bow to the Monkey” episode this morning (seriously, don’t ask, it is too odd, and you do not want to know!), here is the monkey.


I still need to upload a video of her rolling over, stay tuned…  But first a shout out – Welcome to the world Alexa Rose!  Emmy has a new friend who is SO beautiful and so tiny!  I know Emmy used to be that tiny (and these pictures prove it) but it was still really a shock to see a baby that small.  Wow, they grow fast, don’t they?


3 thoughts on “5 months old!

  1. Fun Pictures!
    These shots are really great. It is amazing to see how small that monkey is getting 😉
    Now, the “Bow to the Monkey” shot is a little bit creepy…like he’s looking at me. And yes, I sorta do want to know!

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