Hmmm… trying to think of a creative title….

but I am blanking so there you go…
But what I do have a tons of cute pictures! We have had some really fun play dates and just some overall cute pictures, so while Emmy naps I thought I would update.

P7150002 P7150005 P7160021 P7170003 P7170007 P7170002
and really, if there was a caption for this last picture, it would have to be “WHO ME??”

And here are some fun shots from a playdate

P7170019 P7170029

and Emir came over to play in our little pool this weekend. Em first got to play in her little pool at her grandparents house in Maryland and that was a big hit! And it was an even bigger hit with the dog who seemed to like the fresh water 🙂 But nothing beats playing in the pool with friends. If only they could sit on their own…

P7190014 P7190016 P7190018 5574_101163807771_714152771_2148898_1588465_n 5574_101163822771_714152771_2148900_4508961_n

Thanks Noor for the last 2 short, we love them! I cannot get over the way Emmy is cuddling with Emir, too cute! Also, a quick shout out for the IPlay swim diapers. Yep, they DO in fact, hold everything into the diaper – whew! And better yet, they go right onto the washing machine. If you have a little swimmer, I cannot recommend them enough. Plus, they are just cute. Emmy’s has tiny turtles on it 🙂

Anyway, moving on, you have asked for them and is always excited to see one, so here you go! A picture with me in it! This is from a short hike we went on with Ryan and Anne on Sunday. Emmy had a BLAST! This kid likes the woods a lot – almost as much as she likes grocery stores.


Yesterday Em did some serious napping! But in odd positions. Take this one for example. This is how she slept and how she woke up. Don’t ask me how she managed that one, but it seemed to work for her.

and finally, a cute shot from this morning!
And on that note, Em is awake from her nap, so it is play time!


7 thoughts on “Hmmm… trying to think of a creative title….

  1. Oh no, the dog enjoyed it while the cold water from the hose was warming in the sun, before Emmy went in. But these IPlay diapers do seem to keep everytiung in!

  2. I love you jeans outfit Emmy!
    You look super duper cute. When are we hitting up the NYC clubs? I think my Mommy knows a few bouncers that can get us in without ID… Love, Hayden

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