Way to go Emmy!

Emmy rolled from her back to her tummy today!  She has been working so hard on it all week, and has been stuck 99.99% of the way there, but today she got it!  She rolled onto her tummy and then pushed straight up with her arms and played with her doll.  However, she was then stuck in a position that no child has ever been in before.  Obviously no child has ever escaped from being on her tummy.  Once you are on your tummy you are obviously trapped forever, which I am sure you will agree is devastating.  So Emmy found the best solution was to cry pitifully until she was rescued.  Thank goodness I was able to rescue her!

And thankfully she rolled over for her daddy when he got home, but unfortunately that meant getting stuck in that impossible situation once again. 

If only there was a way to get off your tummy when you no longer wanted to be on your tummy, but alas, one does not exist.  Sad 😦


2 thoughts on “Way to go Emmy!

  1. 3 in a row?
    You tried to throw me off yesterday with saying there’d be no update, but alas, three straight days in a row! Ha ha
    That is a huge achievement! We are very excited to see you guys this weekend!

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