Raspberries and Boyfriends

As we approach 20 weeks (Wednesday), Emily has lots to share! First of all, her daddy taught her how to blow raspberries! She loves doing this so much and looks so cute doing it. I think she partly loves it because she can do it and I can’t – I’ve never been able to. But I can do lots of things that she can’t do, like walk, talk, and use the potty! So there! (yes, if I could blow a raspberry, this would be the perfect time, but oh well…).

First up, we have shots of cuteness, because you can never have too much, can you?
P7090003 P7090006 P7130038 P7130035

Every day Emmy and I go to the beach and most days we meet up with two of her friends. Today I finally got smart and brought a camera to document the playtime.

First Emily and Gavin played and held hands (yes I posted a ton of pictures of this because I could not pick my favorites!)

P7130021 P7130022 P7130024 P7130025 P7130026 P7130027 P7130028

Then Aiden came to join the fun!  Note that previously Emmy was holding Gavin’s hand and now she is holding Aiden’s hand.  Her daddy has decreed that she cannot kiss until she is in her 60’s, but he seems ok with hand holding.  What these picture’s don’t show is Gavin pulling at Emmy’s dress.  Watch out ladies, this little man is quite the flirt!

P7130029 P7130030 P7130033 P7130034 P7130036 P7130037 P7130032


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