19 weeks, overdue updates, and tons of pictures!

OK, OK, I can take a hint 🙂 Thanks to the gentle/not so subtle email reminders from some readers, I am finally updating Emmy’s blog. Sorry for the delay, I will hang my head in shame for a few moments…. (not too long as it is hard to type that way…).

We are back in CT after a packed visit to my parents in Maryland. But before we get to that, I did reshoot the 4 month picture and finally got one with her smiling! So here are the monthly shots, with a happy 4 month shot this time.

P3250035 P4250045 P5250047 P6250005

And now for the rest of the pictures. First, since she had such a serious expression on her face in the original 4 month shot, here is one more:


P6260018 And some random shots – wearing the dress her cousin once removed (yes, I know things!) got her. Debbi, Emmy loves this dress so much, she kept laughing at the hem and then, of course, eating it. But what else would you do with such a pretty dress?

And then we went to Maryland where she enjoyed hanging out in the backyard with grandpa. They talked to the birds and made friends with a big (ug!) spider that had 7 legs (I was told that the spider does not like to talk about it and not to ask…). Then we went inside and played with grandma, which was also great fun.

P6300026 P6300032

And Emmy got to ride in her stroller without the infant seat and that was great fun! My parents live near a lake and a ton of walking trails so every day we walked in the woods and Emmy loves that! She also enjoyed walking with the dog in the woods, but the dog was not exactly thrilled to have an infant in the house.

P6300030 P6300031 P6300037

But so much walking made her very sleepy! And no, the water bottle is not hitting her head. Not to self, I need a cup holder for the stroller….
But the third picture is the best! We tried to go to the zoo that day but there was no parking, so we headed to the memorials – Jefferson (my favorite), FDR, etc… and saw the George mason Memorial – I never even know he HAD a memorial! And then it started to rain. And I mean RAIN! In this third picture, Emmy is having a blast, hanging out with me and my parents under the 14th street bridge, watching it pour! And pour, and pour, and pour…

P7010041 The best way to start the day is to read the paper over breakfast. Emmy loved the paper that day because it came with one of those thick plastic ads and it was delicious!

P7010043 and then we finally got to take Emmy to the zoo! She loved meeting the hogs in the children’s zoo area and pretty much slept through the rest of the zoo, but we had a great time anyway.

We are now back in Connecticut where Emmy is hard at work on rolling from her back to her tummy. She was a heatbeat away yesterday! In these pictures she is playing in the dress her grandma got her in Maryland.

P7070001 P7070003 P7070008 P7070016.


5 thoughts on “19 weeks, overdue updates, and tons of pictures!

  1. Too cute!
    I can’t believe all the adorable pics you have of Emily! She looks too cute in all of these!

  2. Too cute!
    I can’t believe all the adorable pics you have of Emily! She looks too cute in all of these! 🙂 Anna
    Hi Emmy, It’s Hayden. You look super pretty and it sounds like you had a lot of fun. I like zoo’s. I mean, I have no idea what a zoo is, but I’m pretty sure I like them too. Luv, Hayden

  3. Thanks for the update!!
    Cute, adorable and so precious!! Great pictures as always, Beth! This can make a wonderful book…

  4. Re: Too cute!
    Thank Hayden! You will have to have your mommy bring to you a zoo – they are fun places where you can see lots of animals. I saw tigers and lions and bears and monkeys and elephants!
    Thanks also for the poop in the hair tip. I am saving it for when my mommy least expects it!
    We make a good team!
    Hugs, Emily

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