Finally, a post with pictures!

This week was a busy week! We went to the beach, to the mall, and to friends houses. But we still found time for the requisite photo shoots…

First up, some shots of our pretty yellow sun dress! This was a gift from 2 of my students and Emmy loved it – thanks guys! One of them also gave her the bib… Yes, they are on a campaign to get her out of pink 🙂
P6020007 P6020011

But not wearing pink is very tiring!

But the big news this week is that Emmy no longer hates the play gym! Whew! And it was on her playmat that she first rolled from her back to her side!

P6040021 P6040022 P6040024 P6040025 P6040027

Yesterday, Emmy had a fun morning sitting in the glider while I cleaned her room, and wow does it look great! Emmy had a great time sitting and gently gliding. But she laughed so hard when I put shoes on her feet. I am not sure if she thought the shoes were funny or if she was laughing at me for thinking they would stay on. And after a hearty laugh, she did what everyone does after they laugh, she ate her bib.
P6060045 P6060046 P6060047 P6060048 P6060049

Finally some shots from last night – playing and relaxing in the boppy
P6060056 P6060058 P6060059


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