13 weeks and 1 day

See now the days are going to fast for me to keep up! Yesterday Emily was 13 weeks old! The fact that she is 3 months old still blows my mind, but 13 weeks seems so close to 14 weeks, which is not far from 16 weeks and the 4 month mark! This is going so fast! I am already having trouble remembering details from her first few weeks.  Every time I go through past blog entries it is such a shock!  When did my little girl get this big!  BY the way, she is 10 pounds now – my little girl, born at 6.10, who came home a tiny little 6.1, is now 10.0!

Now come on, do dresses get any cuter?? Then she fell asleep and stayed asleep – in my arms – for about 2 hours. So I got creative with the camera. Here are 2 of my creative pics…
P5210008 P5210015 P5210024

The next day, it was dancing time! Laurie, Emmy loves this outfit almost as much as she loves the popsicle dress. They are both great for dancing and she does love to dance. Thanks!

P5230001 P5230002 P5230004

P5240003 P5240004

If I was writing captions for each picture, the caption for this first picture would be, “Daddy, are you SURE it is ok for me to wear blue?”.  Followed by, “YAY, Thanks Aunt Elyssa, something else to spit up on!”.

And Elyssa, it was so great to see you! We will have to plan a visit down to NC soon.

And lastly, thanks for looking everyone, but I have to go play now!

And to close out and catch up, some of shots from her 3 month photo shoot

P5250039 P5250046 P5250047 P5250048

Life is always better when you are eating a monkey, isn’t it?


2 thoughts on “13 weeks and 1 day

  1. “Life is always better when you are eating a monkey, isn’t it?”

    *nods* I”ve often thought so.
    Holy cats but this is some serious cuteness to be starting my day with. 😉
    *fights down “baby hunger” with a large club*

  2. So glad we could brighten your day as you have brighten mine so often. Must be a Sag thing 🙂
    You fight that baby hunger and get that business off the ground woman!

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