12 weeks

Wow! How is it possible that little Emmy is now a great big 12 week old girl? She has changed so much each week, that I barely recognize the little baby in those pictures from 11 and 12 weeks ago.
Some of you readers out there have sent me gentle email nudges that I never wrote about our first mother’s day, so I will start there, and then, of course, move on to the requisite photo shoot.

Mother’s Day

D is very good at holidays and birthdays and stuff, and this being my first Mother’s Day as a mother, he of course wanted it to be special. Then again, he was setting the bar for Father’s Day… D got me a beautiful bracelet, but Emmy picked out a mommy and baby kangaroo. And, as she showed me, the baby kangaroo is sized perfectly to have his head sucked on. Thank goodness because just a few days earlier, D and I were commenting on the fact that we have no kangaroos sized for sucking on.  Then  again, since I ate kangaroo (YUM) when we went to Australia, that feels somewhat canabalistic…

But my favorite gift is the frame that says “First Mother’s Day, Beth and Emily, May 10, 2009”. This past Hanukkah D got me a set of pajamas and he got a matching baby set. So for Mother’s Day, we did a picture of me and Emmy in our matching pjs. It came out so cute and was timed great, as she is outgrowing her pjs fast! What a wonderful way to remember the day 🙂

Naming Ceremony

This past weekend we had Emily’s Hebrew naming ceremony.  I have to tell you that she wore the prettiest dress and of course the day was too hectic for me to get a picture of her in it.  But she’ll wear it again soon – she has to, I will be heartbroken when she outgrows it.

But anyway, her naming ceremony was part of a wonderful day.  Not only were my parents in town (and Emmy simply adores my father!), but we got to see so many friends and family that we haven’t seen since well before she was born.  Emily was fabulous in temple the entire time.  When she started getting fussy I would take her over to the stained glass windows, which she loved.  She was also fabulous with the Rabbi during the actual ceremony.  My little ham smiled and stared at everything!  If she was old enough, I am sure she would have posed and waved 🙂  After the ceremony she was great during the coffee hour and then in the car on the way to the reception, she fell asleep – and stayed asleep for hours!  She never budged through being taken out of the car seat and into the bjorn and slept in the bjorn fr 3 or 4 hours!  Way to go Emmy, sleep through the party where everyone is dying to meet you 🙂

Requisite Photo Shoot

Emmy loves her Bumbo seat, although the expression on her face in this picture doesn’t support this claim much. But there is no denying how much she loves the ducky outfit from Aunt Jenn!! Jenn, I am not sure that she has even cried in this outfit – thank you so so much!!

P5130015 P5130023 P5130024 P5130027

P5150007 P5170004

Emmy also loves this popsicle dress!  She seems to really like wearing dresses, and we like how easy they make diaper changing.

But it is this last picture that I think says the most about how much she has grown.  Emmy is starting to really make friends with her toys and stuffed animal.  This pink teddy is her newest friend and she loves him so much!  Teddy just needs a name…  This picture makes me so excited for her 3 month shot with the monkey!



5 thoughts on “12 weeks

  1. Her Hebrew name is Esther Rebecca… In the Purim story, Esther saves the Jewish people from a murderous plot, and Rebecca is one of the matriarchs. I like the idea of Emmy’s Hebrew name having such a history of female strength behind it.
    I guess this post is the result of sleep deprivation 🙂

  2. I love it! Esther has always been one of my favorite biblical characters. I think “Essie” would be the cutest nickname for a little girl too, unfortunately, Rich doesn’t agree.
    Sleep deprivation is totally ok at this point! Hang in, you’re doing great!

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