updates and pictures

Wow! 3 updates in one week – I guess I am getting better at balancing my time.

Emmy and I have joined a Mommy group through our pediatrician’s office and it meets in the office on Fridays (and much more often outside the office, for lunch, shopping or just hanging out). It is a good way to get questions answered and share tips and tricks, but for me, it is a great way to do a “Pediatrician Drive By”. And the best part is that her doctor is not only receptive to this, but encourages them. I spoke to her doctor the other day and she told me to come early to Mommy group and do a weight check. We have cracked 9 pounds! Her pedi actually high fived me – I love this woman! 9 pounds, 4 ounces and gaining great. 5 oz in one week is probably a bit on the low side but she is healthy and the doctor is happy so all is good.

But we did get a diagnosis… So every night from 4 to 7pm is Emily’s witching hour/screaming time. It is no fun and I just figured it was part of baby-hood. Her pediatrician had me trying things to calm her, mostly related to feedings (hence the weight check) but said this morning that it is officially colic. Fun. Emily fits the textbook 3-3-3 definition, but the good news is that it usually goes away by 3 months so 2 weeks left.

But don’t get me wrong, we are doing much better with a schedule – YAY and that seems to make Emmy as happy as it makes me!   And she does spend a lot of the happy.  As much as I dread the onset of the witching hour, I adore happy time!

I LOVE this first picture so so so much!!  And the cute little outfit – I bought it!  Other than a pack of plain white onesies, it is the first thing I bought her and it is so cute!  The bib is a gift from Ann and I love the way it looks with this outfit.  (We seem to have a theme going of posting pictures in gifts 🙂 )

P5080002 P5080005 P5080003 P5080004


One thought on “updates and pictures

  1. Super Cute!!
    Love the pictures as always – thanks for updates!! Looking forward seeing you soon. Miss you… Love and Hugs.

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