A busy week!

This has been quite a week! On Wednesday Emily turned 9 weeks old, what a big girl! But most of her week was dominated by first Daddy being sick and then Mommy being sick. Daddy had a garden variety flu, no piggys happening here. Mommy has a cold/cough combo package. And Emmy? Well, let’s just say that as much as she hates it, I have become an expert at using the aspirator. She is not too bad at all really, thanks to nursing, whew! I cannot imagine the horrors of all three of us being sick at the same time. All 3 of us are coughing and congested (you gotta love the fact that all decongestants on the market will kill my milk supply, sigh….), but the pediatrician is not worried about her at all.

We have seen the pediatrician twice this week. Wednesday Emily had her 2 month checkup and did great! Until the nurse came in with those needles. Oh poor Emmy! One in each thigh 😦 But I got smart and before the nurse came in, I got Emily dressed, except for her little pants. That way, after the horrors, I could scoop and run., without having to take time to dress her! And I am sure Emily appreciated that one. The office is barely 5 minutes from the house, but we took the long, long, long way home and she slept very well in the car. The rest of the day and all night she spent in our arms. The poor thing – can you imagine not having any clue what is going on to begin with and then the pain of the needles, the sore legs, the fever, the pain afterwards… So we cuddled all day and night and by mid-day Thursday, as my health was going completely downhill, she was much better. Friday we had a weight check and she is eating like a champ! We are still struggling to get her on a schedule; she prefers to “graze”, but we are making some progress. Either way, she is happy, she is healthy, and if you saw yesterdays post, she is rolling! We are on a roll! (oh come on, you knew it was coming…)

Remember how much Emily hated bathtime?  Well, we fixed that one too!  She now loves bathtime!  Our solution, the big bathtub!  She sits on my lap with daddy hovering nearby since wet babies are so slippery and we play with all the rubber duckies (I think she has an equal number of ducks and monkeys now…) and she is so happy!  D can distract her with duck play while I do the cleaning and it works so well!

And we are also having more success in the sleeping department – especially when it comes to sleeping in the bassinet!  It is still touch and go, not the quick success we had with the bath, but we’ll take what we can get.

This first picture is Emily sleeping with her grandpa. She is wearing the outfit her cousin Danielle picked out for her. Thanks Dani! Emily loves it and looks So cute in it 🙂 The second picture shows that she not only found her thumb, but start sucking on it! Yep, we have an occasional thumb sucker. So many people have warned me not to let her suck her thumb, but I am ok with it. Personally, as long as she only sucks it in our home, I prefer it over a pacifier. And I will never have to get up in the middle of the night to put it back in her mouth! So far she only sucks it occasionally. And the third shot I just like 🙂 Yes, we take a lot of picture in her swing, but she really likes her swing!

O4260002 O4280011 P4280006

And this next picture is what happens when D does the diaper change and the camera is sitting near the changing table… Poor Emmy. But I absolutely love the expression on her face.


This next picture is Emily with her good friend John. She LOVES playing with him. But on this particular day she had just had her 2 months shots and preferred to nap in his arms. She was so upset after her shot that I ended up singing her favorite song – the alphabet song, over and over and over. And then John took over. Thank goodness she loves a song that everyone knows! It seems odd that she loves this song so much, but it calms her down, so we don’t question it.   John, we owe you a copy of this picture!

What I didn’t mention was the nickname John gave her.  We’ll keep that between the 2 of them, but John, I really think she deserves a better nickname 🙂

And now, some action shots! First she hid behind the bug and giggled. Then she popped out from behind it to say hello! Then she rolled onto her side and finally, to her back! Woah! Mobility! And go me for having the camera out and at the ready!

P5020027 P5020028 P5020029 P5020030


5 thoughts on “A busy week!

  1. Yay! Great update! Congrats to Emmy for rolling over! Robbie’s going to his side which surprised us– I know he probably won’t be long– Max took six months to roll over!!
    As for shots, our pedi with Max always suggested giving some baby tylenol BEFORE we even gave the shots and we did that on occasion– it did help. Mostly we just reveled in the fact that baby was generally sleepy most of the day after shots. I guess that makes us mean parents. 🙂 I will say, though, my heart just BROKE whenever they took blood (which they had to a lot with max for his various issues). God, what a way to stab a mommy in the heart!
    Love the pix!!

  2. she’s getting sweeter by the day.
    Are you having your doctor split up the vaccinations? Or do you do them all at once. I found it worked better to split ours up, but I’m glad to hear Emmy is getting through them ok.
    The bath with duckies is a great idea, good for you guys! Someone gave Cassie a twelve pack of miniducks that she loves, they are always all over my floor!

  3. p.s. bathtime
    By the way, we did bathtime with Max that way too– it was marvelous! Just one caution– make sure you transition to having them in the tub on their own before TOO long. Maybe it won’t happen with Emily, but Max went through a LONG time when he hated being in the tub by himself and refused to sit down in the water. It was hellish! He was so used to having me in there with him he would scream. Finally went somewhere with a pool and played around in it and now he loves baths by himself. With Robbie so far we are using the “Safer Bather” — a soft inflated pillow– and it works very well too, though I plan to co-bathe with him as well.

  4. Re: p.s. bathtime
    Well, we have only done it 3 times, so I doubt she is addicted yet. Then again, she hated her bath in her tub this evening… hmmm…

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