my big 2 month old girl!

Wow, 2 months! I have a lot to say on that subject, but not much time. So while Emily helps her daddy make French toast, I will post the pictures you have all been waiting for.

First up, playtime in mommy and daddy’s bed – she loved this!
P4230005 P4240011

Followed by one exhausted little girl napping in her swing. But these pics were too cute to not share! And thanks again to Sophie for the “hand me downs” – I adore this shirt and Emily seems to love it too! it is simply the cutest shirt I have ever seen!
P4240012 P4240013 P4240014

Next up, playtime. This little girl, yes the same one who screamed at diaper changes, now loves her changing table and plays right through every diaper change. So I had to take pictures of course, because that is prime dancing time! That second shot is slightly blurry because she moves so fast!
P4240017 P4240018

Then we did play time and tummy time on the taggies blanket her second cousin once removed (go me for knowing that) got her – thanks Marilyn! (and the first shot shows off the cutness of that shirt again)
P4240020 P4240021 P4240022

And finally, her 2 month pictures

And just for kicks, the “official” one month and two month pictures side by side.Ā  Wow!Ā  I see her every day, all day, and while logically, since she has outgrown all her newborn clothes, IĀ  knew she grew, but these pictures really show it.

P3250035 P4250045


9 thoughts on “my big 2 month old girl!

  1. VERY adorable!! Yay! She’s growing up so fast!! I can see a lot of you in her eyes! I love that you did the one month and two month shots in the same chair with the same stuffed animal. With Max I had pictures in lots of different places (but putting a sign in the shot helped!)

  2. Congratulations!!
    to Emily on turning 2 month – yay!! Great pictures as always, Beth – Emily really knows how to pose for pictures very well… šŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see you again soon. Hugs.

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