Napping in Daddy’s arms…

Ahhh… is there anything better? She is sleeping SO soundly right now. And while we probably could put her down to sleep, we are not willing to risk waking her up when she is sleeping this well. Lesson #482 of baby care – babies who nap sleep MUCH better at night – who knew?
But this gives me time to post more pictures – and this is a FUN batch of pictures!

So here we have Emily happily playing in her swing, followed by a cuddle with a few of the monkeys in her vast collection! Have I mentioned how relieved we are that she inherited her Daddy’s love of monkeys?
The third picture is the result of taking Emily with us to the Dentist, the jeweler, Babies R Us, lunch, and then to a park! When we got home, she was almost too tired to eat, and then fell asleep for a long time!

P4120004 P4170008 P4180010


And after all that napping yesterday and a great night sleep last night, we had the happiest baby ever. This picture is one of my all time favorites and is already framed!

Next, we checked out Daddy’s side of the bed. mmmm…. pillows are good things! After a brief stint playing the bed, we did reverse tummy time – AKA playing on our backs on the Yankee blanket. I love the second picture – she looks so content! Since she was so happy, another member of the monkey family came out to play and cuddle and that was such fun for her!

P4190019 P4190020 P4190022

But then it was time to get dressed! This is the first day she wore the onesie/little black dress her aunt Cary got her and she is SO cute in it! She is also sporting the socks my boss got her, which we also adore!

P4190032 P4190036 P4190037 P4190038


2 thoughts on “Napping in Daddy’s arms…

  1. Great pictures!!
    Beth, you’re a great photographer – thanks for updates!! Emily looks so beautiful… can’t wait for your next visit… sigh…
    and as for the previous post, yes, she did say “Hi” loud and clear.

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