Emily’s First Word?

When we were in Maryland, my father told me that she could say 2 words, but only to him.  Yes, the bond between this little girl and her grandfather is TIGHT!  According to him, she could say “no” (oh great…) and “hi”.  I laughed and didn’t think anything of it.

But, we went to my office a few times this week.  Yesterday was the reception for graduating seniors for our college (not the entire university, just our little college).  I love this ceremony.  All the faculty speak, we give out certificates, they all become Graduate Fellows, and we eat.  It is such a nice tradition and I really wanted to be there!  So Emily and I headed out to school.  On the way there, she got fussy and to avoid a blow out crying session, I pulled into a church parking lot where I discovered that even though she had eaten 40 minutes ago, she was starving.  Once she was done eating, we went to school, where she took advantage of my office to eat again.  By now I am completely convinced she has my off the charts metabolism!  Once she was finally full and changed, we went visiting – AKA mommy signed graduation certificates and Guljana took advantage of quality Emily time.  This was one happy little girl!  (she loves time with Guljana!).  But then it happened.  Dr. Kim (who will be her Tae Kwon Do master eventually) took her and she looked right at him and I swear she said hi!  I have witnesses!  My 7 week old talks!  We ended up leaving the ceremony early which was fine since none of my students were there, and when we got home, after she nursed, Emily looked right at me and said Hi again!

OK, yes, there is a logical part of my brain (believe it or not) that knows that she is not actually greeting people, but this sounds exactly like the word hi and I love it!  And frankly since we are raising a genius, I am not too surprised 🙂  And isn’t there the slightest chance that she IS saying hi?

We don’t have a ton of pictures to share and the ones we have are all in the camera but I will post what we have soon.  In the meantime, if you need pictures, I can only refer you to the massive amount of pictures in the April 10th post.


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