smiles and trips

This weekend we packed up the car and the little girl and headed down to visit Grandma and Grandpa in Maryland. Wow, traveling with an infant (she officially became an infant at 6 weeks – can you believe our little Pixie is 6 whole weeks old??) is actually easy.ย  Adapting her routine to a strange (to her) house, is not!!
But she is a totally different person than she was last week! This 6 week old smiles, pushes herself up, tracks with her eyes and head, and shows signs of a very stubborn personality!

But you all mostly logon for picture, right? And that is only right, she is SO cute ๐Ÿ™‚

So here are some smiles!

This first series is Emily playing in her bassinet with her doll Rosie and her windchime (thanks Dori, she LOVES it!)

P4020001 P4020014 P4020010 P4020011

We then tried some Tummy Time on Daddy’s favorite Yankee blanket and it was not so much a hit. A sad commentary on the beginning of the Yankee’s season? She decided it was better for resting then for playing on.

P4020005 P4020006

The next day we packed up and went down to Maryland. On the way through Delaware we sent out mental telepathy greetings to and , but couldn’t really stop – maybe when she is a bit older and we actually plan our trips in advance… But in Maryland, she loved playing with uncle Matthew and Aunt Cary!

P4040017 P4040018

and we LOVED the pack and play that John loaned us! Well, she loved it for playing in and especially dancing in, not at all for sleeping in… Warning – this is where I become that parent because these pics were too cute and she was so happy – I could not narrow it down to only a few..

P4050021ย P4050023 P4050024 P4050025 P4050026 P4050027 P4050028 P4050029

Sick of pictures yet? I hope not because I am not done! This last batch shows her playing in her bouncy chair, “helping” Grandma make the bed (immediately followed by jumping on the bed of course), cuddling with Grandpa, and then back with uncle Matthew and aunt Cary at the Passover Seder.

P4070037 P4070044 P4080049 P4080051 P4080053 P4080055

I love the way she and Matthew have identical expressions!

This little girl just adored her Grandpa!ย  Don’t get me wrong, she loves both her grandfathers, but wow did she bond with my father!ย  She would fall asleep on his chest hugging him every night and apparently she sends him regular text messages.ย  Is it wrong that my 6 week old texts faster than I do?


8 thoughts on “smiles and trips

  1. Thanks for posting the pictures!!
    They’re great!! I LOVE the smiley pics, Emily is great at smiling. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Happy travel!!

  2. Love, love, love the pictures! She is truly adorable. Glad to hear you had a good trip and would love to see you on a pit stop through – even if it’s quick.
    I’ll try to keep the anti-Yankee comments to myself, except to say Go O’s!

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