My bigger girl!

She was last weighed 5 days go – 7 pounds! Go Emily! Ideally, she should gain an ounce a day, but Emily has been between half an ounce and an ounce a day. Totally on target, her pediatrician (a goddess in my world!) is happy with it, so we are continuing along with what we are doing.

So, 5 days later, yesterday, Emily has her one month check up. I was rooting for 7 pounds 4 ounces. Nope! My little (little?) girl weighed in at 7 pounds 8 ounces! WOW! The thing with motherhood is that there is rarely any positive feedback/reinforcement at this stage, so it is fabulous for me to hear that I am doing so well with nursing. Now I just need to build in some pumping to build up a stash of reserves. Pedi said the best time to pump is after the middle of the night feeding but that thought kills me – I need sleep! Then again, I wish I had thought of that last night – after the 1:30 feeding Emily was ready to play. Oh man, if only I had thought of pumping then…
Anyway, the rest of her appointment went great with the exception of her shot.  She screamed, I cried and the nurse shot her and ran (the smartest of all of us 🙂 ).  But after a few minutes of intense cuddling, Emily calmed down and we did a ton of snuggle time the rest of the day.

P3280003 This picture is from Saturday when Emily was happy and dancing all day long! Sunday was a different story. Oh man this little girl hates bathtime!   But apparently she will grow out of it fast.  Her doctor says it is most likely that she is just being contrary (since air and water temp are all ideal), so we are not stressing about it.  I have my 6 week apt next week, so once I am cleared to take a bath, we’ll do one together, which we think will help.  But until then, any tips amandalucy , melstra or rlitterst /slitterst (I am a sucker for suggestions from you experienced moms and dads 🙂 ).  Emily fussed most of the day after that dreadful bath experience.  But my goodness later that day she was nearly delirious with joy!  We had a late afternoon meeting with the Rabbi to talk about her Hebrew naming ceremony.  Emily slept the entire way there and woke up in the Rabbi’s study and WOW she LOVED it!  OMG she was so happy looking around that room!  It is a bright sunny room filled with books and she loves bookshelves!  At this stage it is all about bright colors and bookshelves are all about colors.  She celebrated her happiness with a major diaper blowout.  Actually a major diaper, onesie, outfit, carseat blowout!

On that note, I am pretty sure I just heard the unmistakable sounds of a little girl filling a diaper…


5 thoughts on “My bigger girl!

  1. awww Go Emily!! She’s getting soo big!!!
    As for bathtime, I’m afraid I don’t have much advice, they all hate it. Just do it as quickly as possible. I’ve found that after the trauma they usually like to sleep a while, so I bathe mine right before bedtime.
    I’m so happy you two are doing great at nursing! Emily is such a happy baby cause she has such a great mom! I cry every time my kids get shots, maybe not BAWLING, but I at least tear up. It’s impossible to help it!
    Does she get a special Hebrew name or something? I know very little about being Jewish, but I’m curious.

  2. There’s nothing more confirming than weight gain of your precious little babe! Way to go Emily, mommy & daddy!!
    As for the bath, we were lucky and Sarah liked them, or at least put up with them. The only bit of advice I have is quick and warm (water and room). As you’ve probably heard, babies don’t like being cold. And some babies just don’t like bathtime.
    Good luck!!

  3. I wasn’r exactly bawling, but I am still hormonal enough that I would have been if D was there! I did tear up a lot – and if her tear ducts were fully developed, I am sure we would have had a flood 😦 But it was short lived, thank goodness!
    Emily does get a special Hebrew name and I LOVE it but I am not sharing it until after her ceremony (and no clue what that will be… sigh, scheduling and a newborn – great combo…). Basically, the name Emily came from my grandmother Rose Evelyn and Rebecca came from D’s grandmother Rae, so her Hebrew initials are ER as well. Her ceremony will be very simple, one Saturday morning, while the Torah is open and being read from, the Rabbi will call us up and bless Emily and announce her name to the congregation.
    It this isn’t too much detail… Before we got married, D and I were called up for a similar ceremony. Basically, it blessed us as a couple and announced our intention to marry. This is kind of the same concept.

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