Emily is now 3 weeks old!

So to celebrate her birthday, here are a ton of pictures!

Just the cutest picture of an adorable (and blissfully sleeping little girl), and a close up because we need more close-ups.
P3130001 P3130003

And her 2 favorite sleeping positions. First oddly curled in her boppy, and second, on daddy’s chest. I think she prefers sleeping on daddy, but will sleep in the boppy if he is at work.
P3140005 P3150010

And hey look – she has eyes!  The biggest eyes we have ever seen and we love seeing them 🙂

P3160018 P3160019

And for those of you who haven’t seen it yet – pictures of baby land (AKA the nursery)

I am so proud of her name letters, but they are now most likely permanently affixed to the wall, don’t ask… sigh… and I LOVE LOVE LOVE her butterflies! Thanks uncle Mike for helping D to hang them (we love when tall friends visit 🙂 )!!
P3160011 P3160012

We love this crib set SO much and cannot wait to see it grow with her (the bed converts to a full size bed). The quilt on the crib I made with the sheets that D and I each used as kids.
P3160013 P3160014 P3160015

This is where we spend most of our time – in the rocker that one of her grandpa’s calls illegally comfy. And she is already fascinated with the toy box – thanks Uncle Ryan and Aunt Ann – she keeps staring at it, so we are sure she loves it! And of course, the start of her ever growing (as in there are more monkeys that haven’t been hung yet) monkey collection!

P3160016 P3160017


8 thoughts on “Emily is now 3 weeks old!

  1. Hi
    YAY! Pictures 🙂 I have been checking daily for the update. Let’s not forget…one of those monkeys is daddy’s and he is only letting Emily borrow it! She is so beautiful.

  2. Monkey ????
    why not change that name into, lovely, beauty, cuty, she is definately not a monkey !!!
    big eyes won’t grow any bigger, nose and ears grow for ever, Well I don’t know, I’ve heard it on TV.
    Emily looks so comfy and her nursery is light and airy, and the crib is the nicest one I’ve ever seen.
    hugs for Emily

  3. Re: Monkey ????
    LOL she will always be our little monkey, a cute, adorable (cranky when she doesn’t sleep) monkey 🙂
    We love that crib too – if only it was queen size and not full, we would be take it for ourselves! The nursery gets so bright, it is nice to sit in there and nurse. And whenever the heat comes on (it is still cold in CT), the butterflies dance all around – I love watching them so much.

  4. I can’t believe I didn’t even know you had your baby. I was thinking about you and that you must have been due ages ago. I haden’t heard anything in your journal? not sure why.
    Congratulations!! Emily is divine. I hope you are enjoying being a Mummy.

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