The people I admire most in this world…

Or is it the people’s whose sanity I question most? Anyway, single moms and moms of multiples deserve MAJOR kudos in my book. OMG there is NO way I could handle any of this with my husband. Granted he is, of course, the most wonderful person on earth, but the way he balances me is perfect for child rearing. Sigh, if only he could lactate…
But I cannot image how anyone could do this all alone. But more, how on earth do people do this with twins, or triplets? Let’s not even discuss the option of 14 kids!! For the past 2 nights, Emily has decided to feed nearly every hour on the hour. And since it takes her roughly 30 minutes to complete one feeding, I am borderline certifiable! Last night she was SO wide awake too – all night long! The goal was to crash right after her 7pm feeding, but the next thig I knew, it was nearly midnight and she was just starting to get sleepy. Until, of course I put her down. But I did get a nap this afternoon. She is sleeping now and I am thinking we need to wake her up so she’ll sleep tonight. The problem there? She sleeps like her daddy and does NOT wake up if she does not want to.
But anyway, Emily had a fun weekend with my parents. Now, we all know that she clearly adores her daddy, but my father seems to be a close second in her book. She LOVED spending time with him and he clearly adored her too. Not to leave mom out – she loved spending time with my mom too. She spent a lot of time staring at them both and (we swear) smiling (ok, fine, it is most likely gas, get off my back, we call it smiling 🙂 ), but she seemed happiest snuggling on grandpa’s chest and napping. Want proof? Check out the latest installment of pictures…

Enjoying time with grandpa and grandma
with grandpa and grandma

A happy little napper, and wide awake in the bassinet…  But check out the adorable outfit from grandma and her sleep sheep.  Yes, we do make sure it is no where near her head when she sleeps, but since she is pretty immobile, the sheep does live up away from her head.  Also, come on, that is SO a smile in the second picture, that is not just gas!

snoozy big eyes

Sleeping with mommy – can you tell that she loves to sleep on her stomach?
with mommy

And her favorite place to sleep on her back – her boppy!  And you thought it was just for feeding!  She loves to nap in it (picture 1) and play in it (#2)
favorite napping place awake in boppy


6 thoughts on “The people I admire most in this world…

  1. awww Hello beautiful baby!!!
    Beth, waking her during the day will NOT make her sleep at night, I found that out the hard way. They just get overtired and wake up more. It stinks, but you’ll make it. They usually start to straighten out around 6 weeks. Soon you’ll be able to teach her hte difference between night and day and things get a lot easier when she goes back to sleep after eating!
    I love her beautiful smile!! My grandma always says it’s not gas, angels are talking to her so that’s why she smiles. 🙂

  2. She’s adorable!!
    Hey Beth… your bundle of joy is absolutely adorable!! Congratulations and all the best for this joyful ride!! Loads of Love, Amisha xoxo

  3. When I was trying to become a single mom this was one of the things that scared me most – the lack of sleep and the possibly irrationality that comes with it. Turns out I didn’t have to worry. And you have a strong support network to help you. Your Emily is an adorable little girl. — Sheri

  4. Hang in there… It’ll get easier, eventually…
    Please take care, Beth. Emily is so beautiful, thank you for posting updates and pictures. where do you get time to even do this with a newborn? I love Emily’s cute outfits!! sigh… Hugs!!
    P.S. My boys are finally better. We’ll email you to schedule a visit (no rush). I miss our lunches.

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