37 weeks down, 3 to go!

Weeks 37-Delivery (Month 9): Watermelon
Average size: 18.9-20.9 in, 6.2-9.2 lb

Full term! Baby’s finally ready for the outside world…

Well, one of my "food sites" labels Pixie a watermelon and the other, Swiss Chard.  Far be it from me to judge, but watermelon is much more appealing than swiss chard, so I made the executive decision to ignore the greens for now 🙂

So, as we enter the home stretch, what is baby up to?

Huge news this week: You’re carrying a full-term baby! If you were to go into labor today, all systems would be a go.  But baby still benefits from every day in the oven.  Baby’s growth slows down dramatically this week, his bones are still soft and pliable and will solidify after he’s born. Right now, he is practicing for "life on the outside," working on his breathing, sucking, sleeping, gazing and peeing abilities. At this point babies vary in size, but the average length is between 19 and 20 inches and most babies weigh approximately 6 pounds.

Pixie is still right on track.  We saw the doctor yesterday (Yay for weekend appointments so D can come and hear the heartbeat one more time) and everything still looks good.  But it is odd now.  We saw friends last night that we probably won’t see again until after she is born and that feels strange.  Yes, we are busy the next few weekends, but still…

Today we have an appointment at the police department to install her car seat base and then we have our child birth class!  I did have a bout of contractions the other day but D was adamant that since we weren’t trained, I was not allowed to go into labor yet!  So I guess after tonight I am allowed to?  it would make life so much easier if this baby would come on her due date.  We are pretty sure that she is as anal/OCD/calendar driven as we are, but then again, what a fun joke to give us an unpredictable baby 🙂  (please pause in your reading here, loomatic just fell off her chair because she is laughing so hard and we need to wait for her to regroup 🙂 )

RIght now we feel about as ready as we ever will, but then again, I am not sure exactly what that means.  So now I call on the mommies out there to help!  Since we are Jewish, we are not doing a shower until after she arrives (old tradition that moms seem to cling to and we are respecting that).  So what do we NEED to have ready to go when she comes home from the hospital? 


4 thoughts on “37 weeks down, 3 to go!

  1. Diapers. Washclothes/wipes since you’ll be sponge bathing her for a few weeks. Plenty of spare batteries for your camera since you’ll be taking pictures constantly. Receiving blankets so you can turn her into a baby burrito. Long-sleeved T-shirts (she can’t wear onesies until the cord stump falls off.) Burp cloths. Old clothes for you since I guarantee she’ll miss the burp cloth and spit up on whatever you’re wearing.

  2. Ditto on Steve’s suggestions. Also, they generally recommend not using baby wipes for the first couple weeks. We kept a small bowl with warm water and a bowl of cotton balls next to our changing area. If you are a pacifier person (as opposed to the thumb), they will probably give you a paci in the hospital and that brand (Soothies are the most common) was the kind Max liked best, but having a couple others on hand isn’t a bad idea.
    Since you said you were going to try breastfeeding, make sure you have a nursing bra or two and some breast pads. I can HIGHLY recommend a boppy pillow for nursing, and it will come in handy later even if you don’t stick with it.
    Down to the wire now! So exciting!

  3. Oh, man, I’m sooo excited for you! No advice, just good wishes. And yes, I did laugh so hard I almost fell off the chair 🙂 That’s the one place where we differ the most, so if she’s completely not A/R, I’ll be happy she’s a tiny bit like me 🙂

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