How much do we love this baby?

Hmmm, not as much as I would have thought. Yes, this IS a 3 carat diamond pacifier and it only retails for $17,000.00.

It features over 278 pave cut white diamonds totaling 3 carats set in European white gold.  Oh and you can customize it with colored diamonds.

All I can say is wow!  Check out the site.

How much does it suck for our child that we don’t love her enough to buy this for her.  All the other kids will undoubtedly tease her… sigh….


6 thoughts on “How much do we love this baby?

  1. Well, if it makes you feel any better, sometimes babies don’t like pacifiers at all, and some babies don’t like that particular style. (Max’s favorite was the “soothie” brand like we were given in the hospital. Also, the diamonds are a choking hazard, and the metal fitting would get very cold if you went outside.
    Not such a good deal to me. I think you’re doing baby a favor. 😉

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