32 weeks – NOW we have a jicima

So it seems I was wrong at 30 weeks when I announced that we had a jicama. Apparently at 30 weeks we had a cabbage. Now, at 32 weeks, are are in the jicama stage. My only confusion here is that every cabbage I have ever seen is actually BIGGER than a jicama. But who am I to argue? Besides, even if she was a jicama for 2 weeks, it is one of my favorite veggies, so I am happy 🙂

And what is the little Pixie up to this week?
About this time your baby will settle into the head-down position in preparation for birth. Also, she’ll likely double her weight in the next eight weeks. Baby is busy blinking, looking around, grabbing things, making faces, practicing breathing, peeing and listening to everything around her. Your baby may (or may not) have a full head of hair now. By the end of this week, your baby will weigh about 4 pounds and be between 17 and 18 inches long.

Pixie is also enjoying story time. She likes the Sneeches, and the Zax, but totally get into Too Many Daves! She was dancing all around during the part with all the names she SHOULD have chosen other than Dave. Bottom line is that we are thrilled to have a Seuss fan! And we have a pretty good Seuss library going, actually, we have a fabulous library going for her beyond Seuss thanks to mom and dad and their great basement clean out!  MANY, many boxes of books later, little girl will have tons of choices.  And we are enjoying reading them too 🙂 You know, I have always loved reading Seuss to kids and kids always seem to enjoy it, but last night, during The Zax, I finally understood why – he wrote in such a great timber (is that the right word, either way it feels right). The words flow and she seems to enjoy the rhythm they create.

In other news, I did 3 more squares on her afghan:


More of the quilt blocks are here


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