We are a squash!

Weeks 29-32 (Month 7): Squash
Average size: 15.2-16.7 in, 2.5-3.8 lb

Finally, we have a new food to compare our little pixie to! Besides, I am not a huge fan of eggplants (except the ones I personally grow of course). AND, last night, D and I went out for my birthday dinner and I had the best butternut squash risotto ever – it was so good that we may end up naming this little girl after it! I need to find that recipe!

So, other than turning into a squash, what else is baby up to?

Having a baby prematurely is frightening, no doubt. But here’s a reason to relax: Due to the impressive advancements of medical technology, if your baby is born this week, she’d have a 9 out of 10 chance of survival, which is seriously great news. Baby’s brain can now control her breathing and body temperature. She can also cough, and her sucking abilities have been perfected. Your Mini’s skin is looking less wrinkled as she packs on the pounds. She’s now beefing up on the energizing and insulating white fat she’ll be born with. And speaking of energy, your little Energizer Bunny is on fire these days. You’re sure to feel your share of kicks, punches and elbows, especially when you’re lying down. This week your baby is a little over 15 inches long—about the length of a loaf of bread—and weighs about 3 pounds, as much as a Macbook Air laptop.

9 out of 10 chance of survival seriously blows me away! Now that I want this pregnancy to end! I am loving this entire experience so much – but that could be mostly because I didn’t have any of the problems (like morning sickness or nausea) that most women get. They say your pregnancy is likely to be like that of your mother – thankfully, so far mine was not. But then again, since she was in labor with me for about 15 minutes, that could be nice 🙂

28w6d So last night, before we went out, we realized how pregnant I was suddenly looking, so D took a picture. Yes, dear readers, this is what a size 2 with a 28 week 6 day belly looks like. Somehow it look smaller in the picture than in real life…   But it certainly kept us cracking up – but I guess lycra does tend to emphasize bumps, especially after wearing cozy winter sweaters 🙂  (ignore the note taped to the door behind me, we forgot to take it down for the picture, oops!)

I don’t have the results of Friday’s test yet, most likely because I called at 4:02 and they closed at 4.  But that did mean that I could enjoy that risotto without any guilt!  The guilt does come from the fact that I think I overdid it this weekend and my back is really sore.  I have done the stretches my chiropractor gave me, and I am hanging out on the sofa, letting the muscles relax.


6 thoughts on “We are a squash!

  1. Yay, you look adorable! Glowing and happy! And what a lovely baby bump! I do wish the pic were bigger, but thanks for posting one at long last! I don’t generally take pix because I don’t really look pregnant, but I definitely feel it! 🙂

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