GD and afghans

So today was my 1 hour GD test and wow, that is the sweetest drink I have ever had in my life – I better pass because I do NOT want to do the 3 hour test! I have heard that there are a lot of false positives with this test, so I am anticipating a fail, but oh how sweet (yes, pun intended) it would be to pass!   Meanwhile, D called shortly after I got home from the blood draw and he said he could hear how wired I was over the phone.  I NEVER have that much sugar straight!  And speaking of wired, this little girl went crazy over all that sugar and is literally bouncing off the walls in there!  So now the debate is how to work off this energy and I have a feeling I will tackle our weekend cleaning projects now…

And to save room, I moved the fun stuff behind the cut – click to continue…

Meanwhile, those of you know who me in real life, know that I am an avid stitcher. D picked out a pattern for me to do for our little one – the cutest alphabet afghan! Although this afghan violates a lot of what I love about stitching, I have altered my methods and am really loving this pattern. I did have my doubts at first… And in true Beth form, I have changed a few colors – and actually since I will be using nearly 4 times the amount of thread allotted PER LETTER, I will need to change a lot of colors – FUN! This one will not be done when out little monkey (AKA Pixie Trixie) arrives. And while (as I do with every stitched afghan I do), I am being careful to work the back in such a way that there are no threads that could be caught by tiny fingernails or fingers, I still think a backing might be a good move…

But anyway, here are the letters I have done so far. Yes, I am doing them in random order because that is just more fun.  Oh and in the middle of the U, that line is simply where I stashed my needle.

C F Tt U  E H J W Z


3 thoughts on “GD and afghans

  1. Beth, it’s beautiful!!
    I can’t wait to see the final product.
    I’ve never failed a GD test and I don’t eat sugar either, my midwife lets me eat real food instead of drinking sugar though, so that helps.

  2. Such a gorgeous afghan! What a wonderful heirloom that will be! I have taken the GTT several times — only once when pg, but at least three other times otherwise, since I was part of a study in grad school on PCOS (the hormone disorder I have). Yep, it’s pretty dang sweet! Fortunately, I passed my GTT with Max and am hopeful about it this time around too (I still need to schedule it…oops!) Here’s hoping you pass as well!

  3. That’s a beautiful and whimsical afghan!
    As for the GD test – ugh! I failed my 1-hour test and therefore had the lovely 3-hour test. If you have to do the 3-hour test, make sure you scope out the lab where you have it done to make sure it’s comfortable. I actually had to do the 3-hour test twice (and passed both times Thank You Very Much!) and the first time it was in a crowded lab where I didn’t even have a seat for some of it. For the second one I went to a different lab that had a small room with a bed so I could hang out there, rest, read, do whatever between tests. It wasn’t cushy, but better than not having a seat and sitting in a waiting room with potentially sick people! But hopefully it won’t come to that for you 🙂
    Happy stitching!

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