12W5D NT scan

Today, at 12 weeks 5 days we had our NT scan – a test for Downs Syndrome, Trisomy 13 and Trisomy 18.  Baby was very uncooperative at first, wriggling and jiggling all over the place like jello!  It even waved to us at one point!  The tech was great and spent a lot of time showing us exactly what she was seeing and looking for.  You really have to be impressed with their ability to make sense of those pictures!

The big measurement today was of a fold at the back of baby’s neck and it measured 1.7.  The cutoff is 3.0 millimeters, at which point you have more of a sac than a neck she said.  Our number is really low and she said it look fabulous and best of all, that lowers our risk of Downs!  YAY!

They also did a finger stick and took 5 drops of blood to continue the test for Downs and the Trisomy’s.  We’ll get our actual risk in a week or so, but I feel good about what we have so far.  The genetic counselor we met with to go over all this is was really sweet too.

Without further ado, I give you a head!  This is a profile shot and you can see a little nose – another good sign as a lack of a nasal bone can also be a sign of downs.

12 weeks 5 days head shot by you.


2 thoughts on “12W5D NT scan

  1. Hi there
    Wow! That is the neatest picture :O) You have a head! Yeah!!! I also assume the rest of the baby is floating around in there somewhere 🙂 Hee! Talk to ya later,

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