10W6D and we have a little dancer

We just got back from a doctor’s apt and everything still looks great! We got to see the heart beating away which was nice, but we also got to see the little one bouncing all over and dancing around like mad!  At the end of the session, it turned around and mooned us – oops!  We didn’t get any pictures this time, but that is ok.  It is just really amazing though – last ultrasound it looks like a gummy bear – seriously, exactly like a gummy bear (not the good harder German kind, the yucky kind that are squishier and way too sweet…). But now it looks more like a real person.  

Since we will be 11 weeks tomorrow, here is an amazing 11 week picture. It just blows me away! (no, this is not a picture of OUR little one, but it is still cool to see, since this is not something we see on a regular basis, if ever!  I know none of my ultrasounds are ever this detailed.)

And as for me, wow, still no nausea!  Cool! 🙂  


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