9 weeks 5 days

9 weeks 5 days by you. Our little gummy bear now looks like a bigger gummy bear! The doctor says he/she is well on his/her way to becoming a fetus! Well done! 

In case you were curious,  the embryonic stage is defined as the period of time when organs and organ systems are forming.  The fetal stage is defined as that period of time when organs and organ systems have all formed and are now maturing to a functional condition to be ready for birth.  In humans, this transition is generally between the eighth to twelfth week (earlier for male, later for females). 

This picture shows (you just have to believe me) the little one with the head on the right, and the tiny little arm and leg buds.  We got 3 shots at this visit.  Two like this, and the traditional heart rate shot.   The heart is still very strong and steady at 171.85.  I didn’t put up the heart rate shot this time – it really looks just like the ones from the visits before.  These shots don’t scan very well.

I left the next shot big (ok huge! but I put it behind the cut to make the page easier to load) to give you a fighting chance at seeing the arm and leg buds.  And as you can see, our child is already cute and hey, who are we to argue with that?  When the doctor took this shot, it was wiggling its little bottom around.  And obviously it has been doing some moving because its head was on the other side last week!  Funny how excited you get over a little bit of movement!

9 weeks 5 days 2 by you.

Our next apt is at 10 weeks 6 days, stay tuned…


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