Sidney’s room

Last night Sidney told me she needed to go upstairs and for me to not come up until she told me it was ok.  A while later she came down and told me that I needed to see her room because she cleaned the whole room and that I could not wait to see it )her exact words) and that it was beautiful!  And she was right!  (then again, her room is generally pretty neat but still…)

She made her bad (ok, no bouncing quarters, no hospital corners, but not terrible for a 3 3/4 year old), straightened up her toys, etc.  Then she asked to take pictures of it to show Daddy because “he will not believe it mommy!”.   These are her pictures.  Uncropped, untouched, exactly as she took them.  Minus the duplicates and the blurry ones.

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merging our interests

Everyone who knows me from way back know that I am an avid cross stitcher.  For decades now.  My walls are all adorned with my treasures and I truly love seeing my work daily.  When Emily was born stitching became a luxury.  I made her ABC blanket, and a gorgeous initial E, but I just never had enough time to stitch.  When the twins were born, forget it.  Sidney got her S, and I did a few other pieces here and there, but still, stitching is no longer part of my daily life, and often not even part of my weekly life.

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